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Makeup has been used for decades to enhance the beauty of a face. It is always improving and people have found a way to make it last longer. 
For your clients who like wearing eyeliner every day, an eyeliner tattoo is a great, time-saving option. 
It lasts up to three years, during which your client will have eyeliner at all times. They can choose different styles – from subtle lash line enhancement to a more dramatic, bolder version.

If they are a make-up lover, then eyeliner might be one of their best friends. As will you as the beautician who has literally opened their eyes to this amazing treatment with our Lid Liner course.
Getting rid of what can be quite a daunting daily task can be one reason why many women opt for the semi permanent eyeliner tattoo. It gives them the option to rock their beloved eyeliner without the risk of it smudging for years. But what exactly is this magical treatment?
Eyeliner tattoo is an advanced permanent makeup procedure that recreates the look of wearing eyeliner.
Using an electric device specially designed for cosmetic tattooing. You, the beautician (and clients’ soon to be BFF!), inserts semi-permanent pigments of natural origins into the skin of their eyelids, thus ‘permanently’ drawing on the eyeliner in the shape they want.
The whole procedure is generally considered to be non-invasive, since it involves no actual downtime and they can carry on with their lives right after it, but it does entail a few weeks of healing, as the skin needs to recover from the micro-trauma.
The prices of tattoo eyeliner can vary a lot depending on the style, color, and thickness of the eyeliner but the average price is around £400
So this incredible treatment will achieve so much for your clients.
No more smudged eyeliner, so perfect for a holiday look as your clients can be in and out of the pool or sea with no effect on their eye liner
From a subtle eyelash enhancement to creating the look of fuller looking lashes. From a classic winged eyeliner to subtle shading. You will be able to it all!
Applying eyeliner with pencils can be extremely difficult and time consuming hence more people are discovering the advantages of semi permanent eyeliner
With permanent makeup eyeliner you no longer have to worry about matching your wings ever again! Perfectly applied day in day out!

With us all leading such hectic lives, it’s no wonder we can feel that we don’t always look our best! Applying eyeliner can be extremely difficult and this is why more people are discovering the advantages of permanent eyeliner/lash enhancement.
People who could benefit the most from this micropigmentation procedure are people with pale eyes, oily skin causing make-up to smear, small eyes needing definition and shape, contact lens wearers, people with sensitive eyes or poor eyesight. 
Top and bottom eyelids can be enhanced with fine or wide lines, tapered or dotted in- between lashes, giving eyes beautiful definition and making eyelashes look thicker.

We all know how make-up can transform a face yet few have the natural ability to know what compliments their features. 
With this course you will  be one of those who can provide your clients with a professional make-over that will last for years!

Course Features

video tutorials guiding you through every aspect of every treatment.
easy to follow downloadable eBooks in units, designed to enhance your progressive learning techniques
Easy online learning via your mobile, tablet and pc
Full support and guidence from working professionals

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Semi-permanent Make Up (SPMU) Eye Liner Course Benefits

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Dedicated Learning eBooks
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Learn From Professionals
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Completing your Semi-permanent Make Up (SPMU) Eye Liner course online is easy. Once you purchase the course you will get instant access to our Award Winning Online Education Platform which houses your tutorial videos and eBooks. Our courses are available on desktops, tablets and mobiles so you can learn anywhere, anyhow.

Each course will have a number of modules and within those modules will be units. Each unit will have a specific video to watch, an area associated with the eBook which is clearly laid out and a set of multiple choice questions for you to complete. Once you have completed the questions and get the desired pass mark the next unit will open for you. You can take the multiple choice questions as many times as you wish with full support from your tutor where needed. This guided way of learning ensures you gain and then retain our expert knowledge.

After you have completed all the units in a module, that module will be marked as complete and the next one will open.

At the end of all the modules you will be asked to upload evidence of work to your online workbook. These are before and after photos of your work which will then be reviewed by your tutor who will feedback to you areas for improvement or pass you on the course.

Once you have passed the course, your Diploma Certificate will be available for download via the portal and stored for you. You have LIFETIME access to the portal so you can return at anytime using your tutorials and eBooks as a reference.

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This course is accredited by

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